Treasurer's Office

Voice: 570-389-5626

11 West Main Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815



Duties of the Treasurer's Office:

The Treasurer is custodian of all county funds. The county currently maintains over 28 separate accounts. This office is responsible for receipting all monies due the county, one copy given to the payor and other copies being retained for balancing purposes and clear, precise audit trails. Over $31,000,000 was handled for the year 1996.

Other responsibilities:

  • Disbursing of monies drawn against county funds after they have been signed by the commissioners;
  • Maintain accounts that clearly exhibit all receipts and their sources;
  • Submit, on a daily basis, an itemized report of all monies received and bank account balances of all county funds to the commissioners;
  • Deposit all monies received daily intact to the appropriate bank accounts; all accounts are reconciled daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. All accounts are audited by county auditors, state auditors, and an independent accounting firm.
  • Tax monies amounting to over $3,000,000 are returned to the Treasurer's Office each year; these monies are reconciled with the 33 local municipal tax collectors of the county. This program is computerized and the tax collectors receive a printout at the end of each month so that they can review their balances.

Each year, the Treasurer's Office reconciles over 30,000 checks and calculates over 700 election pays for the 57 election districts. All checks coming and going are the responsibility of the Treasurer's Office, and are filed there.

The county's financial system is computerized, and a double-entry bookkeeping system with interaction of checks and balances with the Commissioners' Office.

The County Treasurer also sits on the County Retirement Board and the County Salary Board.

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