Columbia County Resiliency Office

Voice: 570-389-9146 Ext. 9

26 West First Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815


Floodwall construction at Bloomsburg Fairgrounds, dated February 12, 2016
Floodwall construction at Bloomsburg Fairgrounds dated February 12, 2016


    The position of Columbia County Resiliency Officer was created to:

  • Oversee the operation and maintenance of the County owned flood control structures currently under construction.
  • Perform other flooding/disaster related duties within Columbia County.
  • Provide technical assistance to any of the local municipalities relating to floodplain management issues in their municipality, as well as providing assistance with updating existing floodplain Ordinances, as well as offering assistance to any community who wishes to submit an application to participate in the Community Rating System.
  • Work with Governmental units, Businesses, Utilities, and other community organizations to identify issues BEFORE flooding occurs, and to work towards correcting those issues so that during flood events, the impact of that event is lessened.

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