Columbia County Prison - Serving the community since 1877






Our Mission is to protect the public by safely confining persons committed to our custody and care. We will provide a secure facility and provide opportunities for inmates to acquire the skills and values to become law-abiding citizens of Columbia County. Every inmate will be afforded the rights created by any statute or Constitutional provisions of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or of the United States of America.

Columbia  County Prison was originally built in 1877 for a population of 50 prisoners.  A major renovation and expansion was completed in 1995, allowing for a population of approximately 150.  Recently, additional beds have been added and the capacity is 250 inmates. We house male and female pre-trial detainees and sentenced inmates up to one day less than five years.

Additionally, we house male and female federal inmates and Pennsylvania Act 122 Technical Parole violators.

Various programs are afforded to the inmate population based upon their classification.  Drug and Alcohol Counseling; Alcoholic Anonymous meetings; Life Skills; Parenting Classes; GED; and numerous religious classes.

The Columbia County Prison is an equal opportunity employer.

Columbia County Prison maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding institutional sexual harassment, assault or abuse. Policy and procedures to address issues of this nature have been developed and implemented in accordance with the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Standards.

Employees and inmates' families may report incidents via email to or mail to:

PREA Coordinator
721 Iron St.
Bloomsburg, Pa 17815