Welcome to Columbia County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


Click Here for properties currently listed for the Upset Sale taking place Monday, September 14, 2020, at 9:00AM at the Columbia County Sawmill Road Building, Large Group Room at 702 Sawmill Rd, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. This list was created from our original advertisement and no payment updates will be made. Any information regarding each parcel can be reviewed on our Maps Online.

Zoom Meeting Registration

Commissioners’ meetings are broadcast through Zoom.
To participate in a meeting, please register to receive the link and information for the following scheduled monthly meetings:

Commissioners' Meeting, first Thursday at 2 p.m.
Commissioners' Work Session, first Thursday at 10 a.m.

Commissioners' Meeting, third Thursday at 2 p.m.
Commissioners' Work Session, third Thursday at 10 a.m.

Board of Inspectors meeting, first Monday at 2 p.m.

Meeting communications will be through audio only, with video displaying the agenda and pertaining documents.

2020 Advertised Budget

*For budget questions please contact Jeannie Lapinski at 570-389-5600