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The Columbia County Recorder of Deeds Office is pleased to offer internet access to its official records database.  This database contains index information for:

Index Data Available: 

Deeds, Mortgages, and Miscellaneous - 1974 to Present

UCC’s- 1992 to Present

Wills– 1995 to Present

Images Available: 

Deeds, Mortgages, and Miscellaneous - 1974 to Present

UCC’s - October, 1999 to Present

Wills - October, 1999 to Present

The cost is 20 cents for each minute the user is on-line.  All printing is performed to a local printer, therefore, there is no cost for prints.


This program is operated, directed and administered by Optical Storage Solutions Inc. under the direct auspices of Columbia County.  OSS is the supplier of the LANDEX – Land Record Image and Information Management System currently in use by the Recorder of Deeds.

Personal Computer  Information 

Remote access functionality is enabled through the free download and installation of the LANDEX – Remote Client software on the subscriber's PC.  Users' minimum computer configuration should include 32 megabytes of RAM, at least 10 megabytes of free hard disk space, Windows version 95 or higher, and a connection to the internet via an internet service provider.   A printer is needed to print reports and images.

Subscribers are required to establish and maintain a debit account balance for uninterrupted service.  Full installation documentation, operating instructions, and on-line help accompany the software.  Software updates and revisions are downloaded from the host system.

Searching Capabilities

Functionality of the program is practically identical to the Public Access and Retrieval module in the Courthouse.  Screen presentations will differ due to variations in subscribers’ monitor sizes. On-line, client-to-host index retrieval and reporting along with image viewing is standard.  Searches may be performed by any combination of name, instrument number, reference instrument, municipality, file number, book and page number, recorded date, and instrument type.  LANDEX –   Remote Client users may generate account statements on demand.  User ID's and passwords are fully enabled.


Registration Information

To subscribe, please visit the LANDEX Remote web site at

This site allows for registration and downloading of the software, performing some test searches, and creation of a debit account.

Steps for installation of LANDEX Remote 1. Complete sign-up form 2. Read agreement and submit information 3. Download software 4. Receive email with serial number 5. Install software 6. Start software 7. Run some test searches on demo database 8. Return to and add money to specific county(s).

For further information, please proceed to the Support/FAQ page.

Questions?  Please call the OSS Information Line at
(717) 274-5890.